Take a brain problem we consider as negative emotions. But is it really? Not every time and not.

Man is a being intellectual, enriched mind, long ago invented for himself two types: optimistic and pessimistic. And if for one type to bury your head in the sand and wait for the sea weather, it is normal for different type – a optimist, things are not so bleak and insoluble.

In my experience I can confidently say that a pessimist can grow quite a great optimist. And without rose-colored glasses and with a very realistic Outlook on life. You can just change your attitude to the world, and it will sparkle with new colors.

Of course, even the optimists during the day under stress. Most importantly, learn to be a lightning rod for all this stress and not a plant for reprocessing and production of nuclear weapons negativity to others. Everyone comes up with their own methods of dealing with stress, depending on preference.

Interesting thing is that more optimistic people are less prone to stress. Why do you think? Because, for example, in a conversation positively adjusted person and be rude to will not want. Because seldom smile to answer outright anger. Or because negatively minded people, seeing the friendly mood of the opponent forgets that such a prickly and unpleasant he wanted to say to him. Or at least not say anything.

Therefore, we conclude that we need to smile more. And it will serve as an excellent talisman against many problems. Even those that do not concern us.