Advice 1: How to learn to experience negative emotions seriously

Negative emotions await us at every step. That's how human nature is everywhere to perceive external factors as a threat. How to completely eliminate negative emotions from your life, set yourself in a positive way?
A more positive

Take a brain problem we consider as negative emotions. But is it really? Not every time and not.

Man is a being intellectual, enriched mind, long ago invented for himself two types: optimistic and pessimistic. And if for one type to bury your head in the sand and wait for the sea weather, it is normal for different type – a optimist, things are not so bleak and insoluble.

In my experience I can confidently say that a pessimist can grow quite a great optimist. And without rose-colored glasses and with a very realistic Outlook on life. You can just change your attitude to the world, and it will sparkle with new colors.

Of course, even the optimists during the day under stress. Most importantly, learn to be a lightning rod for all this stress and not a plant for reprocessing and production of nuclear weapons negativity to others. Everyone comes up with their own methods of dealing with stress, depending on preference.

Interesting thing is that more optimistic people are less prone to stress. Why do you think? Because, for example, in a conversation positively adjusted person and be rude to will not want. Because seldom smile to answer outright anger. Or because negatively minded people, seeing the friendly mood of the opponent forgets that such a prickly and unpleasant he wanted to say to him. Or at least not say anything.

Therefore, we conclude that we need to smile more. And it will serve as an excellent talisman against many problems. Even those that do not concern us.

Advice 2: How to learn to smile

A smile works wonders: likable strangers, connect and pair just gives a good mood. The ability to smile is a valuable human dignity, to help him to live, create and love.
A beautiful smile can open many doors for a person.
There is such a thing as a psychological contracture, which is characterized by a kind of frozen expression on her face. For example, a person some time suffered, and this was accompanied by appropriate facial expressions. Then the situation was resolved, but the emotion on the face is fixed, because the muscles used to this position. So, if your face is frowning, a smile is given to him with difficulty, you must give the muscles of the face work in a different direction – in the positive, that is just to train them to smile.
Go to the mirror and look at her first facial expression. It is quiet, gloomy, or is it smiling? If the latter, then it will be much easier to learn how to have a beautiful smile. If normal facial expression not happy, then you need to exert more effort in creating new emotion on the face.
Standing at the mirror, remember some pleasant moment of your life and smile at him. Try to do it sincerely, not saimas and not holding back. Fix the position of your lips and face. You like what you see? If Yes, then you just need to practice a smile that is just to smile more often, even if there are no objective reason.
If you think that you are smiling somewhat asymmetrically, and this may alienate people, try to correct the position of the corners of the lips to that smile will become pretty, in your opinion. It can be much harder than in the first case, because you have to teach your facial muscles to a completely new position.
Holding a smile on your face, try 10 minutes, remove it from her lips. First will be felt fatigue, but after a few weeks of training, you suddenly notice what a beautiful smile she naturally appears on your face.
Check the condition of their teeth and lips. Regularly clean your teeth, whiten them and use the thread. Lubricate lips hygienic lipstick, to prevent them from chapping. All these little things play a big importance in creating a beautiful smile.
Of course, most importantly, the smile was from the inside, so try to increase the number of people and situations that can cause you to have joy. Maybe the whole thing in a bad environment that makes you melancholy?
Give yourself a sense of humor. It is possible that you are unhappy because you don't understand the jokes of others. Everyone laughs, and you don't, and it's only may disappoint you or even annoy that absolutely prevents your sincere smile.
Set yourself up for a positive. In fact, to make you smile can not only subtle jokes, but the simplest things. Spring, birds singing, a productive work day cute couple encountered along the way, finally, your reflection in the glass storefronts. Smile to yourself, smile to the world, and he will give you his joyful smile in response.

Advice 3: How to set yourself up for positive

Optimistic attitude is, first and foremost, hope for success in all endeavors. Was not a man who constantly Noah about their unenviable share, have achieved something. But different circumstances cut the ground from under his feet: quarrel in the family or at work, the failure of an event, just weather. But you need to keep yourself, and move forward. To save (or create) the right attitude, follow the advice of a psychologist.
Optimistic attitude is, first and foremost, hope for success
In any case, do not get angry on others, and no one to blame its troubles, including myself. Fantasize, think about their desires. Maybe it's time to go for gifts for yourself or loved ones, to finally repair or throw away an old chair, to go somewhere? Imagine your desires in details and colors like they're right in front of you. Now, go to their execution.
Don't think about the financial difficulties, their own complexes and disadvantages. Do not consider yourself a loser or a failure because of these problems. If you do a little work on them, prosperity will come to you.
Pay attention to family, children walk, chat with friends.
How to set yourself up for positive
Dress nicely, smile and be irresistible. Internal comes using external.
"I am the most charming and attractive..." - this phrase seems to you ridiculous? And try to talk about yourself out loud something good. Recognition of their own talents and love for yourself will keep you strong to the idea that success is achievable.
Setup positive: where should you start? How to configure confidently on the positive? Summarize. Attitude, as we can see, you already have – it remains the case for small: active, and take the necessary steps to improve your personal life. The ratio of positivity to the world will help you to find the exact way to resolve all the problems, overcome them and start a new full of colors of life.
Useful advice
The mood on the positive: where to start? And how do we achieve a positive attitude? First of all, you should stop feeling sorry for yourself, cry on the unbearable hard life. Every day tell yourself that you deserve only the best in the world. If you undertake any matter, always think about a positive end. No need to have in advance to set yourself up for defeat. If you tune to a positive outcome, it will be.
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