Price for tickets

Location on the Islands is possible with a variety of conditions, the price of permits in Greece are much lower for early booking. Cheaper hotels away from the sea. This two stars, but for the price of 16 thousand rubles. This price includes flights, Breakfast. You will also need a visa, have to worry about food.

3 star hotels will cost not much more expensive: between 20 thousand at the beginning of June and from 26 thousand in the high season — in July and August. Frequently offered half-Board or Breakfast.

But the most popular accommodation "all inclusive". They offer various hotels. In a three-star option, the price per week will be 32 thousand rubles in June and 36 in July. 4 stars will cost 35 thousand at the beginning of the season, from 42000 in the midst of a beach holiday. Upper limit value can be any.

The prices for food in Greece to 2016

Greek cuisine offers a huge choice of fish dishes. All cafes and restaurants serve the sea creatures in many different ways. But the price of a full dinner about$ 30. The sum will include salad (4-8$), main course with side dish (12-20$), a glass of wine ($3). Beer in the country is$ 1 for 0.5 liters.

To eat in the hotel quite expensive. If you choose a trip only with Breakfast, will have a lot to spend on food. But you can save money by if you eat on the beach. Dozens of cafes will offer more affordable menu (from$ 15 for lunch).

Still cheaper to eat in Greece to 2016 in places that are not designed for tourists. You can find them in cities and towns, they are removed from the beach, not too full of bright signs. Of course, it is unlikely that someone tells you something in Russian, but the cost of food will be reduced.

But in this magical land there is one feature — all the dishes are very voluminous. They are served on huge plates, and often a meal can be divided into two. And even in good restaurants sweets served in the form of a gift.

The price of visas to Greece in 2016

To apply for a visa can help a travel Agency. It costs $ 65-70 € and 25 € for children up to 12 years. To get into the country requires a valid passport, proof of employment income and Bank account statement that has the required amount of rest. Your account must be at least € 70 per day of stay in Greece.

When making a visa yourself can save you. Through a visa application centre to make an entry permit obtained for 40 €.

The price of a holiday in Greece in 2016 is not too high. And for full Board for a week you can take 200-250$, and that's enough for Souvenirs and 1-2 excursions. If the permit without power, the daily will need at least$ 40 on food.