Rest in Gelendgik 2016: the price for the private sector

Quay of the resort city stretches for 12 km. But the private sector is almost absent in the Central part, today, most popular districts built guest houses, find the same room in a normal house happens in Tonkiy Mys. Many of the private sector in nearby towns: Divnomorskoe, and Kabardinka.

The cost of a room in Gelendzhik private house without conveniences in June from 400 rubles. In the high season — from 500 rubles, but for early booking. To negotiate better. During the arrival of the taxi drivers will be required to provide options, but with a large number of tourists, the cost may increase by 2-3 times.

Accommodation in the private sector, but in a room with a private bathroom costs from 700 rubles per person. But the room is bound to have air conditioning and a TV, Internet availability is not always possible.

Rent one-room apartment with 3 sleeping places — from 2000 rubles per day in June. In July, the cost from 3 thousand, and can grow at a great demand.

Rest in Gelendzhik 2016: price on guest house

The guest house is divided by price categories depending on location. The closer Embankment, the higher the cost. The starting price for the deleted options — 1000 rubles in July. In August of 1,500 rubles.

To agree to reduce the price if you book a room on 15 or more days. Prolonged rest can you find a 20% discount.

Guest house in the centre will cost from 3000 rubles per person, but in such embodiments it is necessary for car Parking, kitchenette in room accommodation, often Breakfast.

Prices for hotels in Gelendzhik 2016

In winter and spring in Gelendzhik few tourists, so the large hotels offer huge discounts. Room overlooking the sea can cost 1500 rubles per person with 3 meals a day. Sometimes, the price even includes use of the sauna, swimming pool and even mud treatments. But as soon as the sea warms, the price increases by 2.5-3 times.

Nice room in a hotel with the amenities and food is from 5 thousand rubles. It's 2500 per person. At the end of July the price can be much higher. The cost is not always justified, many pensions operate in the regime of the Soviet era, when individual approach to the client is not there, and the rooms have not been updated for many years.

The price of meals in Noumea 2016

Food in Noumea in 2016 is expensive. For example, lunch in the restaurant for two people would cost at least 3 thousand rubles, and that's without alcohol. The price of salads in the restaurants on the Waterfront — from 500 rubles, hot dishes — from 1000 roubles, desserts — from 600 rubles.

Cheaper options cafe. They are on the beaches, and the removal. There for lunch will have to pay 800 rubles per person. Alcohol is charged separately draft beer from 200 rubles for 0.5 l of wine from 600 rubles per bottle.

The most budget and popular version of the power — table. On the Central beach set lunch 350 rubles. It's soup, and stewed fruit or juice. Even if the bite only in such institutions, 3 meals a day is a minimum of 850 rubles per day.

Another cheaper option is the local fast food. For example, pasties and gyros abound:

  • Shawarma from 120 rubles, but with plenty of meat and vegetables.
  • Cheburek from 80 rubles.
  • Barbecue — from 160rubley for 100 g of pork, from 200 rubles for lamb.
  • Cakes, muffins — from 40 roubles.
  • Cakes from 60 rubles per piece.

Prices in shops are high near the coast, decreasing with distance from the sea. Cheaper to buy in supermarkets, more expensive — in hour small pavilions. With a modest ration of cereals, vegetable salads, chicken dishes — the day we can spend no more than 500 rubles per person. But it is important to work together came from the kitchen.

The price of the holiday in Gelendzhik 2016, compared to Anapa, you can call high. But if you compare with Sochi, the journey will work out cheaper. One person needs at least 1700 a day, and for a comfortable stay — from 2500 per day per person.