You will need
  • Verifying CD/DVD drive.
Before you test drive it to verify the health of the drive on which to test a new dress. The main problem is the poor performance of new drive cables and jumpers. Often the problem is in them. Because the technique is new, and all connections are new, i.e. undeveloped. It may happen that the drive is connected and Windows does not detect a new device. In this case, you must check the correct connection of the power cable and IDE cable.
If the problem is in the loop, it is sufficient to change only the loop. To check the integrity of the loop, connect another device to this loop, such as a hard disk. It should be noted that in some cases it is necessary to connect a drive to a common ribbon cable (IDE Port 0) that goes from the hard drive.
Another problem when connecting can be improper installation of the jumpers. On the hard drive jumper (pernicka) must be in the slot Master and drive Slave. The location of the jacks on the devices printed on the front side of the hard disk or drive.
Also worth checking the fans, which is served cold air inside the system unit. If such fans are not, the work of the drive during the recording disc may be broken. This will affect the number of damaged discs.