The method of implantation with immediate loading has many synonyms: basal, single-phase, single-stage, minimally invasive, seamless, bloodless. But under all the names hides the method of restoring teeth, wherein the non-removable dentures are mounted on implants in a very short time – within 2-3 days and for years to come.

Features of the implantation

Implantation with immediate loading approach, if you are missing three teeth and more Method allows you to install several implants and to fix them, that is to stabilize the prosthesis. If the row is lacking just one tooth, implants with immediate loading also can be done, but it will be harder – you may need surgery to increase the bone and the plastic gums. Implants can also be installed simultaneously with the removal of the tooth is a titanium "screw" is placed in the same hole.

A feature of this approach is that in 90% of all cases you can do without building up the jaw bone. This is a big problem with patients who have been putting off the restoration of teeth – due to lack of load the bone tissue sags considerably decreases in volume and sometimes it is sorely lacking for anchoring the implant. But "screws", ie, methods for implants with immediate loading have a special design, the cover and the specifics of the installation – they use all parts of the bone (not only Central, which often suffers from atrophy) but a solid basal base, and a protective sheath of bone – cortical plate. In addition, they are equipped with special self-tapping thread, which when installed provides a seal around bone – so the implant will be securely fastened immediately after installation, with virtually no mobility, while new bone cells will replace the old sealed.

Dentures help to keep the implants!

When conventional implants with delayed loading is fixed (constant) can be mounted only after the complete healing of the implants. That is an average of 4-6 months. This is due to the design of the product, as well as the specifics of the installation.

With implants for immediate loading, the situation is different. In the instant fixation of the prosthesis is the main point of the technique. Prosthesis stabilises the implants between properly distributing the load taking into account characteristics of the malocclusion. You will chew with new teeth (gradually, starting with soft foods and after a month of returning to the usual diet) and bone get a load that will allow you to activate inside the tissue's natural metabolic processes. Bone cells begin to receive nutrients and oxygen will be actively proliferate and infiltrate the porous implant surface. This will ensure a quick and reliable fusion with the bone, over time they will become a single, very durable unit.

New artificial teeth are attached on a permanent basis, i.e. they are not removable. Are made of metal, lined with plastic. The combination gives a very light prosthesis that will allow you to chew, smile, but will not disrupt the process of fusion of the implant and the bone. In addition, such a prosthesis can be adjusted in the process of wearing in a patient's mouth for the changing bite of the patient.

What implants to choose for immediate loading?

The company ROOTT is the developer of the system implantology latest generation of dental implant technique with immediate loading. Gradually appeared in a variety of models and for the classical Protocol. If the installation uses cutting-edge technology, computer simulation, hardware fabrication of dental bridges and multi-unit abutments. Most often, this method of tooth restoration can be found under the name implants All-on-4 (all on four), but in fact, according to the testimony can be set from 4 to 8 implants.

In Moscow there are several dental clinics, has long specialized in this concept, for example , MCDI "ROOTT" or dentistry "Simpladent".

The cost of such services in all-inclusive in Moscow on one jaw varies from 295 000. Variation in prices due to the extra manipulation required in the case of acute atrophy of bone, number of implants and prosthesis.

Dental implants for immediate loading - ROOTT (Switzerland) present a model for the classical method and dental implants for installation in conditions of severe bone atrophy: compression and single-phase implants. Implantation ROOTT (RUTT) exclusive, used in the Moscow Center of Dental Implantology ROOTT and in the Center SIMPLADENT more than 7 years.

During this time dentistry "Simpladent" has received many national awards and recognitions for development of innovative approaches in the field of health. Since this method only applies to two clinics, then the cost can be said clearly.

The restoration of teeth on 1 jaw will cost 295 000, but if you want to restore all the teeth in the mouth, that is 550 000 (at the time of publication of this article).