To deprive of the rights can for an administrative offence. The period of deprivation begins after sentencing and ends after the expiry of the period of deprivation. To pick the right one the next day. If the day off or a holiday, then take the right immediately following the weekend or holiday. Get a driver's license before the weekend, if the period of deprivation ends at the weekend, is not provided.

All documents submitted by a citizen after the revocation of the driving licence, specified in the order of MIA dated 20.07.2000. To get back their rights must present a medical certificate, have a limited lifespan of three years. If the period of the medical certificate has expired, you will need to obtain a new document, passing the examination in the district hospital at the place of residence. You will also need to visit the regional psychiatric and narcological dispensary and obtain the opinion of relevant experts on the ability to drive a motor vehicle.

Except help must be presented in the traffic police, passport, court order. After the revocation of driver's license to pass examinations in the theory and practice is not required, and does not require additional documents. The above list of documents is exhaustive and all require further, contrary to the law.

With deprivation of the rights of the driver have no right to require submission of receipts for payment of all administrative and other penalties. No need to confirm anything to prove. Passport, medical certificate and the court order is all that is needed to return the rights.

All actions of the traffic police, which impose additional requirements for return rights, can be appealed in the manner prescribed by law.