You will need
  • To pick up law, you need to take:
  • - certificate of admission to driving the vehicle;
  • - passport;
  • - a temporary driver's license;
  • - the decision of the court.
In order to get your ID back, you need to be patient and to come to the office of the traffic police early. However, there is good news - the queue for getting the rights after deprivation moving 4 times faster than the primary driving licences.
How to take <strong>copyright</strong> <em>after</em> period <b>deprivation</b>
The package of documents that need to be taken along to "rescue" their rights include: passport, certificate of admission to driving the vehicle and a court order. Except for the last paragraph, it's almost all the documents that are required when rights are obtained for the first time. The certificate of admission to driving the vehicle is also necessary and passing inspection, so will not be superfluous. Even if I have to do it again.
How to take <strong>copyright</strong> <em>after</em> period <b>deprivation</b>
Court decision on deprivation of rights document, which according to regulations is not necessary, it is better to have. Just in case. Suddenly come in handy.
And, of course, once the law will once again be the owner, it is advisable not to break it. Because the intruder knows how easy it is to turn from the motorist to the pedestrian. And how much time and nerves need to spend to take their rights back.