Cooking sauces – this whole Saga in the culinary arts. It turns out that without the experience to make a truly good sauce, not everyone can. What's the secret to making a quality sauce?

White sauces

The basis of all white sauces include cream. In the modern world this product is often replaced by milk, or mayonnaise, but it is fundamentally wrong. The cream is a natural product, which has a special structure and a pleasant light taste. Because the first secret white sauce is to use cream.

All the white sauces served in the form of heat, just spices so they play their flavors and taste. In addition, the white sauce before serving, it is necessary to drain, regardless of what should be it ready consistency.

Red sauces

Based red sauces including organic tomatoes and nothing else. In any case it is impossible to replace them with tomato paste or canned tomatoes, otherwise the taste will be noticeable to lose. Tomatoes must balansiruya and only then they can continue to cook. To experiment with red sauce everyone can afford. But the main secret of making sauce from the tomatoes is the sugar that enhances the taste of the ability to meals.