You will need
    • Bank of mayonnaise (200 g);
    • 1 medium onion (about 30 g);
    • shichimi togarashi pepper — 1G;
    • 2 cloves garlic (about 7 g);
    • sharp knife;
    • cutting Board;
    • blender.
Prepare the ingredients. The most exotic product, which is included in the composition of the sauce spice - Japanese togarashi pepper shichimi, but it is now quite freely available to buy in the hypermarket. If it still failed, replace it with red ground pepper. You need quite a bit of it, literally a pinch.
Peel an onion of medium size and the garlic. Finely chop the rest. For the final grinding of the ingredients it is best to use a blender. It does not only chop the ingredients, but also their mix. Mayonnaise and pepper can be placed in the blender at once. If this useful device you have in the household, chop the ingredients as much as you can.
Put onion and garlic in a bowl, add pepper and mix well. Add the mayonnaise and blend again parts. Mayonnaise is better to use Japanese. It is usually sold in the same stores as other products for sushi and rolls. If not, take the mayonnaise "Provansal", without any additives.
Empty contents of bowl into a gravy boat. Let the sauce to stand for about half an hour. Neither heated nor put it in the fridge it does not need it comes to preparedness at room temperature. After that, the spice sauce, you can serve sushi or rolls.
If you have the opportunity to buy different products for cooking Japanese cuisine, you can try several variants of the sauce. For example, it may be a mixture of several sauces — soy, Tabasco, Chile. 50 g of mayonnaise, you need 20 grams of Tabasco sauce and a little chili and soy. Mix it all up. Add the chopped green onions, few drops of lemon juice and 15 g of caviar, massago. You should get a homogeneous mass. Infused this sauce longer than that described in the first method is approximately 2-3 hours at room temperature. After that, it can bring to the table. If you are not using all the sauce immediately, store it in the refrigerator.
Another hot sauce is prepared in the same amount of Japanese mayonnaise. Need to add 15g of caviar, masago and chili sauce instead of the Tabasco sauce takes pasta Tabagan. All mix, add the finely chopped clove of garlic, let stand for 2 hours and can entertain guests.