Rules of training in driving school in 2016

Even in 2015, were approved as model program for training in driving schools, based on which each school must develop its own training program, and then approve it in the traffic police. Therefore, choosing the right school for training, make sure that your chosen institution has a programme agreed with the traffic police. In case of absence of a license, you can not admit to the exam in the traffic police.

As for the new rules, from 2015, (in 2016 there are no major changes), training for categories A1 and M are persons, under the age of 16 to study in other categories - 18 (category "b","C" and subcategories) and 21 ("D", "D1", "Tb", "Tm"). Persons having rights of any of the categories allowed to drive vehicles of category "M".

In 2016 as in 2015, exams can be the vehicle with the transmission as "automatic" and mechanical. To enroll in a driving school is only required to write the corresponding application.

However, it should be remembered that in learning to model with the manual transmission in the future, the driver will have the right to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. But having been trained on the car with automatic transmission, the driver can control the vehicle with the manual transmission.

Exams will still take place in three stages:

  • Stage 1 - theory;
  • Stage 2 - the assignments for the circuit;
  • Stage 3 - driving through the city.

Requirements for examiners tightened. Now the examiner has the right to be a person whose age is 25 years, driving experience - more than 5 years.

How much time to learn from the right in 2016

As for the duration of the study, in 2016, the theory takes a minimum of 84 hours, during which dealt with the following rules:

- rules of the road;

- provide first aid (formerly the training lasted 24 hours, now only 16);

- the rules of safe driving of the vehicle;

- the rules of operation of the vehicle;

- psychophysical fundamentals of driving.

Training period in driving school in 2016 for category "b" - 190 hours 130 hours theory, 56 hours of practice and 4 hours exam. Training on a category "C" - same as "b" category. But to learn on the category "D" will have to spend 257 hours, and if you have category "C" - two months.