Time blank brooms

The best time for harvesting birch brooms – this is the beginning of the summer. The people considered that to tear the branches of the birch for broom immediately after the feast of Trinity, which is also celebrated in June. But this calendar cannot be based, as weather conditions vary from year to year. Sometimes the heat is set from the beginning of may, and sometimes until the end of June the real summer has not come.

What weather affects the formation of birch leaves. For this factor it is necessary to focus first. Branches for bath broom you need to choose flexible and thin, and most importantly - resilient. Otherwise, the broom in the steam room or will break, or hurt to whip the body and is fun to bring discomfort. The leaves should be bright green in color, still quite bright. The color shows the age of the leaves, they should be fresh and not old.
Bath attendants are advised to determine the suitability of birch leaves for broom not only the color but also the taste. A good, proper piece of paper should not taste bitter. If so, do not worry. Just need to wait a little longer.

Most importantly, the foliage was young, but already growing summer energy. In such leaves a lot of juice, so a birch broom is well suited for them to do in the bath, massage, patting a person's back is not strong, but frequent movements. Associated during this time the broom will last a long time. If you break the branch with Mature leaves, then very quickly they will crumble and you will have to buy a new broom.
There are other types of brooms – oak, fir, eucalyptus. However, birch is the most common tree in Russia. Therefore, birch brooms are so fond of in the Russian baths.

A good broom is a good day

Birch brooms are used in the bath not only in order to adjust the temperature, add heat directly to the body, it is good to steam the skin. Bath in Russia was always the main institution. Here people get rid of illnesses. And birch strengthen the body, disinfects, helps with colds, diseases of the kidneys and the lungs. Therefore, it is also important to properly harvest birch twigs, so they do not lose their useful properties.

Is important not only time of the year, but the time of day when you cut off the branches. This is best done in the afternoon, towards evening. Morning dew on the leaves causes them to darken. Better yet, choose a day not rainy, dry. Properly broken branches can be dried. Only the sun to do it. Drying should occur naturally indoors.