The easiest way to stay in the country is buying or renting housing. You will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit for a period of one year to four years. But to do this, be prepared to provide to the local immigration office the following documents: passport, 4 pictures, statement, certificate of ownership of the account (not less than seven thousand United States dollars), copy of lease or purchase of housing.

To issue a permanent residence permit you will also be able after the purchase of houses costing at least three hundred thousand dollars. Then you can obtain resident status for a period of one year. Thanks to him, you will have the right to stay in the country 365 days a year. But if you go out to the country and will not return to it for a couple of months, you will have to obtain a visa and re-issue a new document.
If you are married to a citizen of Cyprus or is married to a Cypriot, then you will issue a permanent residence permit. Three years later, you will be able to obtain citizenship.
Permanent residence permit on the island you will be able to, if you want to open a Cyprus office of the international company or to do business, it is absolutely safe for the economy. If you are considered a sought-after expert in any activities and will arrive to Cyprus at the invitation of the employer, then you will be allowed to live in the country legally. But you don't have to apply for the position, which could take local.
You will be able to live in Cyprus legally, do not engage in any activities and did not work. But most importantly, prove that you are from abroad you receive income from your family, and he is not less than ten thousand Euro per year per person. In this case, you will also receive all the necessary documents. Live by the laws of this wonderful country, then nothing will prevent you to enjoy the sea, sun and beautiful nature wonderful island.