What is self-esteem? The answer lies in the title, self-assessment is the ability of the individual to assess themselves. Its formation is laid in childhood, all people in contact with the child, drop by drop contribute. From birth the child has no such thing, and it is formed due to the adults.

Low self-esteem is those kids who can hear the constant accusations and bad words, very often they set an example to the neighborhood children. Bad any, even the most insignificant corporal punishment. In this respect a child has fear and self-doubt, if the most important people in the world for him - parents are unhappy with them, then the opinions of others he feels the same. The child forms his opinion of himself, if I hurt it means I'm bad, not worthy of love.

High self-esteem is generated in children, which is constantly praised for no reason. Any misconduct of a child is justified, and broke it — she doesn't quality, got a bad grade the teacher underestimated.

In this situation the opinion of yourself is too good, the child feels that he can and does everything right. In this situation parents, it is important to understand that in the event of any failure, the child will look for the guilty, even if guilty only to himself.

Build self-esteem and helps society, kindergarten, school. The attitude of teachers and educators is very important, sometimes they are choosing their favorites, hurting other children, hurting their self-esteem. The main place of formation is the same family, even if the school the child is not found the support it needs to find its home.

Try to be first friends and assistants, if necessary, sit down and talk, explain what child rights are and how we should have done. Examples from the life of yourself or those people who are familiar to Chad.

Teach your child to accept criticism with dignity, assessing its adequacy, this is true for many achievements. It is important that the child looked at all real.