A big role in raising children's confidence plays attitude of parents to the ability of the child. They can support their kids in activities to help understand and take into account errors, explain the options for solving the problem, learning to find the necessary information. In this case, the child will know that everyone makes mistakes. The main thing is to set a goal and work towards its realization. Child needs to explain that on the way to the target can meet a lot of difficulties. Teach him not to fear it. To overcome difficulties shaped by experiences and commitment that builds character.
Support of parents is very important in raising confidence in the <strong>child</strong>
In addition, an important example of the parents. If they are insecure, show doubts about the solution of a problem, they will be difficult to instill in your child confidence. Persistent doubts of the correctness make the child insecure. Conversely, seeing a bold, confident parents, the child will strive to be like them. Over time, he will also learn to be responsible for their actions.
A positive example of parents
On developing children's confidence affects the team. If the child is accepted into the group, his opinion, take a rest, listen to him, then eventually he becomes more confident. It also affects the participation of the child in various activities. Training rooms, public performance gives important experience. He will not be afraid of negative evaluation the results of others and learn to accept constructive criticism.
Public speaking foster confidence in children
The teacher also depends largely on how the child is confident in the team. His task – to create conditions for building confidence of each child. We cannot allow the group was outcast children. Every child is different. Account his individual abilities provides a platform to develop confidence.