Ideally, adequate self-esteem and confidence in their abilities kids need to develop from infancy. By the way, inflated egos can be a disservice to the excessive confidence is dangerous. First of all, confident in yourself child can only be the parents who themselves are confident. Timidity, weakness, fear of challenges and difficulties – all the child feels is very thin, and then takes over from mom and dad. The parent must be for child's authority, but about authority will only spoil the situation. Love your child, but don't suffocate him with your love and with excessive concern. Also do not deprive the child of love and affection, don't be too hard on him. Education is education, and if the child is guilty, he deserves punishment, but if you've done something good, achieved success – praise.
As for success, they need to be monitored closely and not to be overlooked, but not to praise. If a child got an a and have mastered a new hobby, won in contest, don't be afraid to praise him. If he made a mistake, put a cross on it. Everyone has the right to be wrong. Point to it and help to fix it, do everything you can to prevent its recurrence.
The Golden rule of pedagogy – avoid cliches and labels. Child got an f – this does not mean that he losers. Had a fight with the guys in the yard - doesn't mean he's useless. All of these words bond with the baby, stick, and eventually it begins to meet them. Tell your child that he is lazy, but not lazy. A cliché is a cross. You always have to believe that the child will succeed.
Teach your child to communicate with people. Self-confidence develops in dialogue, in conversation. If from childhood people will be shy, to be afraid of negative attitudes, ridicule, in the future he will not be able to make new acquaintances and to communicate with others. That can really interfere in your life. Push a child to communicate with their peers, if he is with someone fell out, try to suggest a constructive way out of the situation, teach him to find a compromise.
Do not compare your child with other children. Don't need the phrase "That Peter is a good boy, learn, mother's helps, and you!". Peter is Peter, he has his own parents, and your child is an independent person who doesn't need comparison.
Help your child to achieve the goals but not achieve them for him. The child must feel that he has achieved his objectives, then again it will be all the more confident.
Try to convince the child that if he took over a case, it is necessary to bring to an end. Abandoned, unfinished business and develop a feeling of inability to do anything, weakness, worthlessness.