The mechanism of personnel management involves the identification of talented and promising individuals with the aim of further development of what their gifted nature and their own ability to work. While people with less merit based and more lazy, inert, not capable of learning) do not remain outside the application of labor effort. Peer pressure and encourage the natural desire for self-improvement improve the quality of the staff.

The identification, selection and advancement of worthy workers – the signs of the adequacy of social assessment. She's not always gentle: involved in the production, science, and culture should only be the best and the worst "cut off", but with a caveat. It is that by working on yourself and addressing gaps in knowledge any "disqualified, media, labor may take its place among the workers.

A proper social assessment is the basis for economic development. The appointment of the wrong people in leadership positions together with a disregard for professional and personal growth of lower-level employees – unreasonable mistake of those who build human resources policy, and increased destructive tendencies within the system of social evaluation. The lack of competence of management personnel more harmful to the economic health of the enterprise or a state Agency than minor shortcomings in the work of regular employees. Therefore, control should be those who have a professional, communicative, personal background, and not those to whom duties of the Manager burden.

Social assessment of personnel has a motivating effect. For example, if the students periodically give homework, but never check it, children have no desire to learn because their efforts were still no estimates. The same mechanism is triggered and the workplace: is the result of labor, but no rating is bad, no result, but there are rating is bad too; is the result and evaluation – exactly what is necessary for the employee to feel needed in manufacturing or in services.

If the mechanism of "work – evaluation – reward or blame – positive changes will be broken, everything that contributes to normal work, will be endangered. A cohesive team will turn into a disorganized crowd, shaken the authority of the head, shatter the fragile motivation to work. The employee need benchmarks idols to follow, and a clear road map, that is, the algorithm of actions for performance of duties. The lack of social assessment deprives employees that they are vital for professional development. The results of the evaluation affect the position of workers in the team, in the distribution of material rewards according to the principle of social justice.