First, should remind all publishers that any information of the website, whether text or graphical, must be unique. The same rule also applies to images. Of course, much easier to use images that are already present in the network, but in the future these pictures will definitely be a burden for the site. Most good results in promotion it is possible to achieve only through quality unique content, including graphics. Therefore, you should only post unique images.

But how is searched for images? In fact, the search engine is unable to recognize what is depicted in the picture, but can read byte code. And thanks to byte code calculated is unique. But the meaning of the picture search algorithm is unable to recognize.

When the user performs the image search, it takes into account textual information. When placing images, the webmaster can specify several options:

  • the file name of the picture
  • description of the content of the pictures in the alt tag
  • the text surrounding the picture

These parameters are used when searching images in search engines. And if you are to use specific keywords, you can increase the chances that the image will be shown for specific keywords. Therefore it is necessary to competently approach to specifying the file name of the pictures or links to a graphic image and alternative text.

As for the pictures, they are very useful for users. It is much better not to describe something to discuss, but just to show it visually in pictures. For these purposes, and use of the image.

The pictures are more attractive content for users, because they more clearly and vividly demonstrate what is being said. If you correctly and to a place to use graphic images, we can significantly improve the attractiveness of the site. So many webmasters and bloggers constantly use graphic images in order to enliven their projects.

With regard to the search for the pictures, with image optimization you can attract more traffic. The fact that the images are not able to give a good increase in web traffic, but to complement the main stream, they just can. So do not expect that by optimizing images on the site can dramatically change the flow of traffic. But at least to do so and impossible, but can be a good idea to Supplement the attendance of the traffic from search engines by optimising images.