Of course, in addition to play and spend their free time in social networks or games, the user can learn something really new, or simply to occupy their spare time or even earn.

The doctrine - light!

For example, the user may explore the Photoshop program. To learn how to work with it may, perhaps, anyone who has the desire. Today in Internet there are so many special tutorials that help in learning this program. As a result, you can use it to edit photos that for one reason or another turned out to be unsuccessful or to create a variety of logos, layouts, websites, etc. in addition, the user can take their free time learning video editing or the creation of music. Good, now find everything you need for this is not so difficult. For example, for video editing suitable program Vegas Studio and creating music FL Studio. A key feature of these programs is that they have good features, be good in them the user will be easy, although at first the interface may even shock a huge number of buttons.

For people having lots of free time and desire to explore something really new, ideal for learning programming languages. Of course, you can start with the lungs, such as Pascal or Delphi and move to the more complex, such as C++ or Java. It is worth noting that not all programming languages are used to develop programs, but also for optimization of websites. One of such languages is Ruby, which is becoming more popular, although it is "young".

How to "kill" your spare time?

If you do not want to learn anything new, but just want to "kill" your spare time on the Internet you can find a huge number of simple applications (sometimes very) or you can watch the videos. On special web services such as Vimeo or youtube, there are many popular and interesting video where you can see literally everything that will want. For example, some web resources you can draw your own cartoons, passes the tests to compose my music, doing caricatures and more. Of course there are flash games that will also help you in pressing the issue and tightened user for a long time.