Birth by caesarean section are considered an ancient method of delivery. In ancient times this operation was called "Royal cut" and was focused solely on saving the life of a child, the mother when the operation was waiting for imminent death.

However, in the modern world the Royal cut is considered a normal abdominal surgery, which is aimed at preserving the life and health of mother and child. Moreover, if used in operations delivery is made exclusively vertical section, but now the incision on the uterus when elective surgery is done horizontally.

There are several indications for planned delivery by caesarean section:

1. If the pelvis of the mother does not match the size of the fetus, in this case, it is assigned to a planned surgical intervention.

2. Placenta previa, which closes the path to the child.

3. Carrying more than one child.

4. The uterine scar after the surgery is considered an indication for surgical birth in the future.

5. Somatic diseases such as kidney disease, cardio-vascular system.

6. Fetal presentation: the transverse and the pelvic.

7. Late toxicity (severe preeclampsia).

8. Genital herpes.

Sure, all of the indications for planned operative delivery can be attributed to the pluses of the operation. Surgical intervention helps to prevent severe complications in childbirth and in some cases may even save the life of the mother and the baby. However, there are possible complicationsafter operative delivery:

1. The likelihood of serious complications after the operation ten times higher than after giving birth naturally.

2. The scar on the uterus requires a long break before the next pregnancy and risk of rupture of the scar during subsequent pregnancies.

3. The probability of infection in the abdominal cavity and the development of inflammatory processes, including adhesions.

4. People born in an unnatural manner and often suffer from asthma, type II diabetes, etc.

In rare cases, surgery can be avoided, for example, if the indication is fetal presentation. In any case, the method of delivery will be selected by the doctor after he will assess the condition of the woman and the fetus. If a pregnant are indications for cesarean section, expectant mother should go to the hospital a week before the scheduled date of delivery under the supervision of physicians.