After viewing such pictures, the vast majority of people, the question may arise as to how to keep love in the period of joint life.

On this occasion we can say the following. The sexual interest of the two halves does not have abyss. Attraction just cannot disappear completely.

If the intensity of feeling over time, suffer change, then it is quite natural. However, sometimes cooling. After a certain period of time the attraction again. Full open sex life is not considered normal.

"Marriage – the end of love". This phrase evokes a feeling of sadness? Many say that the night after the wedding is a rush of pleasure, then the desire subsides greatly.

What is the reason for this?

The fact that the fairer sex after marriage gradually ceases to care for themselves. If she breaks any dress or flies off the heel of the Shoe, it postpones fixing things at a later date.

In addition, it usually has less monitors skin. The husband often sees his wife an old pair of Slippers. Besides, she often avoids making love. "We are officially married! Still it is from me not going anywhere!"

That may indicate the cooling?

If you want your intimacy was long-lasting, you must learn to identify signs of cooling.

That should serve as a information for reflection?

Instead of making love, both of you pick up a book or watch TV. Before you go to bed you don't talk anymore.

Each of you is busy with his own thoughts. Between you and then there are the conflicts over trifles. If you have similar symptoms you should start working on yourself.

What to do when there is coolant?

If you think that you and your husband is not as close as before, then you need to think about what could be the reason for this. It is not necessary that she could be in the presence of the spouse of the mistress. In most cases the reason lies in the couple themselves.

You both have decreased libido? It usually says that a man and a woman are doing something wrong. One should not rule out the fact that you always feel comfortable. "Why do we have to do something? You know, we have a stable relationship!"

What can you recommend? Make your feelings become fresh again. Try to revive the former passion. To the solution of the described problem it is necessary to have a creative approach. Not "lock" your imagination! And then you again with trembling will wait for the next available time to make love with her husband.