The Yandex search engine during the analysis of the sites using high-quality algorithms to check vocabulary and morphology, but Google can not boast of it. For webmasters, in turn, this means that you need to place on their websites only quality publications, written without errors. The more mistakes, the more likely not to like Yandex.

Also Yandex have gone far in terms of analysis of behavioral factors and plans to further build on this important resource. Today to build the SERPs still are using external links for ordinary sites, but for commercial already being used exclusively by behavioral factors. From this we can judge that in future the role of behavioral factors will only rise in the search of optimizing sites for Yandex and for Google too, over time.

But there is Yandex and disadvantages. One of the most notable is the static updating of the databases. The fact that Yandex is running on weaker hardware than Google. The advantage of the overseas competitor is globalization, but Yandex is intended only to Russian-speaking regions and has a smaller number of servers. So after the changes on the website the webmaster is not able to immediately observe the effect, but Google is updating different sites dynamically, which greatly simplifies the process of promotion.

Like any other search engine, Yandex has its own individual ranking algorithms, and they differ from the algorithms of Google or Rambler. When building search results Yandex is trying to highlight the line the older the sites, it is believed that you need to respect your elders that they are more authoritative. Google are often the first lines can be observed both old and young sites and in this respect, Google is more tolerant, although he, too, gives preference to old sites. Search engine from the overseas competitor the focus is on the content of the website, so the better the content, the higher will be the position regardless of age.

For Yandex is also important to improve site content, but due to the age and the reference mass you can achieve success with a small error in the internal factors. However, quality content still allows you to compete in the search engine Yandex. This is due to behavioral factors that have great importance today, as discussed earlier.