Yandex.Directory is the oldest and one of the largest directories of the web sites in Runet. That is why the promotion of the Internet resource, it is important to pay attention to his ranking in Yandex.Directory. However, the position of the website directory will be reduced when you reduce the so-called TIC resource. To keep the indicator on one level, you need to understand that Yandex TCI lowers.

What is TCI

Thematic index of citing or TIC — the inner mechanism Yandex.The catalog that determines the credibility of the site and therefore the position of the site in a particular category. The main task of this indicator is to demonstrate how the authoritative resource among competitors, i.e., sites of similar subjects.

The principle of operation TCI

Themed citation index consists of the total weight of referring sites. The total weight consists of two components:

- the number of links leading to your Internet resource;
- the quality of these links — i.e. their significance. The importance of links is determined primarily by the thematic proximity referring sites.

This takes into account links only with resources that are indexed by Yandex, and non message boards, forums, blogs, social networks. Clear algorithms of calculation of the thematic citation index Yandex company are not published, and can even change.

What Yandex lowers TCI

The decline of the thematic citation index may occur for a number of reasons:

1. Page with links have been removed. Themed citation index may decrease, if for some reasons the page or even entire sites, previously refers to the Internet-a resource was deleted.

2. Reference site was excluded from the index. As mentioned earlier, the referring website must be indexed by Yandex. Deleting the referring resource from the database of the index will result in a lower TIC.

3. Yandex marked site as "useless". According to the company, in calculating the TCI are taken into account only "natural links", and the resource must be "useful" to users. From the point of view of Yandex, an Internet resource may be considered useless for several reasons:

site contains original and useful content;

site contains many links to other resources;

- TIC resource was increased artificially by using purchase links and other actions.

4. Yandex changed the algorithm for calculating the TCI. It has already been noted that the algorithms for the calculation of the TIC can be changed. In this case, perhaps changing the TIC resource, including downward.