Perhaps the most important function of the amniotic fluid serves as a mechanical protection. Filling an amniotic bubble, the liquid forms a kind of cushion that helps protect from mechanical damage. In addition, the liquid in the bubble does not allow the tissues to heal and prevents compression of the umbilical cord. Positively to the development of the fetus depends on the fact that due to the amniotic waters he is able to move actively in the womb.

Also the amniotic fluid is completely sterile environment, where the risk of infectious diseases is zero. Although waste products, and are allocated directly to them, it does not reduces the level of sterility. This property of water is maintained by regular self-renewal, while the chemical composition remains the same. Everything that is excreted from the body of the fetus comes out through the excretory system of the mother. By the way, a significant portion of nutrients that maintain its vitality, the fetus also receives from amniotic fluid.

In addition to functional value, amniotic fluid have a diagnostic value. During their study, it is possible to predict the likelihood of hereditary diseases and diseases associated with metabolic disorders. Amniotic fluid analysis allows also to accurately determine: - half - blood - a child is ready for birth - the stage of maturity of the various vital systems of the body

You should pay attention

Dangerous condition is a leakage of amniotic fluid. In this state an amniotic bubble toiling, and water begin to leak small portions. If a pregnant woman noticed some suspicious, quite often selection, it should immediately contact the doctor for further solution, since leaks can cause premature births, which are accompanied by complications.

You must understand that the state of the amniotic fluid depends directly on the fetus, so the woman should regularly visit the gynecological office.