Amniotic fluid is a vital habitat for the baby, which develops under the woman's heart. The color of the water, in other words, amniotic fluid, very important, because it determines the usefulness of the intrauterine development of the child. Normal color of the amniotic fluid can show ultrasound diagnosis (ultrasound). Often women hear that the amniotic fluid was cloudy. And it's certainly a good sign!

Slightly cloudy amniotic fluid is normal

What does the diagnosis of turbid amniotic fluid? Whether it is to treat, and is that a danger to life and health even the newborn baby? As a rule, the turbidity of amniotic fluid due to the fact that the environment got a variety of impurities. But it can be "healthy" impurities, which are not dangerous for the child and can be unhealthy. Closer to the last trimester of the water can become cloudy due to the fact that they get pieces of the skin of the fruit, particles of vellus hair, the original lubrication and so on. But if you were notified that the amniotic fluid was cloudy, we should not neglect these words, such as "unclean" environment may represent a threat to the further development of the child.

Infected turbid amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid may become turbid from the fact that there is meconium (original cal kid). With the appearance of meconium amniotic fluid turn green. This can lead to oxygen starvation of the baby and intrauterine pneumonia. Unfortunately, the presence of meconium, ultrasound will not be notified. You can tell if amniotic fluid is leaking or studied the special optical device.

The reason for the murky amniotic fluid may be an exacerbation of herpes in pregnant women, a history of influenza or SARS, the emergence of the common cold. In any case, turbidity of the water can signal infection, so the woman must be alert and be sure to go to the doctor (if there is a leakage of the opaque water colors).

What to do if the amniotic fluid cloudy?

To find out exactly what is the reason for the turbidity of amniotic fluid must be tested. If infection is confirmed, you will need to undergo treatment, possibly with antibiotics. If time does not get rid of the problem, the baby may be born with pneumonia, conjunctivitis and other nasty diseases.

Need to know what the murky amniotic fluid may cause fading of the fetus (due to oxygen starvation), premature birth or miscarriage.