There are few people who don't like massage. Even when it is possible to forget about problems, aches and pains in the joints, if not during the massage? We all know that with the help of massage you can get rid of many problems: to correct posture, gain and tone muscles, relieve stress and more. But there is such use, about which little who knows.

The first well-known benefit of massage is muscle relaxation after physical work or sports training. During massage the body relaxes and has fun and a reward for a hard day.

The modern world filled with stress, worries and problems that need to be addressed here and now. This pace of life often triggers depression. A massage helps to relieve stress, remove anxiety, restore balance and harmony in your head. The massage acts on the hormonal level, struggling with a cortisol, improves mood.

Relieves pain in back, joints. Scientists have proven that massage helps people with osteoarthritis.

With the help of massage can improve sleep. It is proved that the course of massage acts on areas of the brain responsible for deep sleep of human. So treatment of sleep disorders is also included in the list of benefits of massage.