Advice 1: Why do the massage?

There are days when you feel overwhelmed, as if the body does not obey, the head does not work, I want to lie down and relax, and the best way to relax is massage.
Why do the massage?

There are few people who don't like massage. Even when it is possible to forget about problems, aches and pains in the joints, if not during the massage? We all know that with the help of massage you can get rid of many problems: to correct posture, gain and tone muscles, relieve stress and more. But there is such use, about which little who knows.

The first well-known benefit of massage is muscle relaxation after physical work or sports training. During massage the body relaxes and has fun and a reward for a hard day.

The modern world filled with stress, worries and problems that need to be addressed here and now. This pace of life often triggers depression. A massage helps to relieve stress, remove anxiety, restore balance and harmony in your head. The massage acts on the hormonal level, struggling with a cortisol, improves mood.

Relieves pain in back, joints. Scientists have proven that massage helps people with osteoarthritis.

With the help of massage can improve sleep. It is proved that the course of massage acts on areas of the brain responsible for deep sleep of human. So treatment of sleep disorders is also included in the list of benefits of massage.

Advice 2: How often you can do massage

A professional massage may be an additional method of treating any disease and also the prevention of certain diseases. Doctors confidently called massage tool for healing the human body. But how often do massage, so he is not turned from healing threat, you need to know everyone.
How often you can do massage
First and foremost, rely on the testimony of a physician who prescribed you therapeutic massages of the body, particularly the back. Their frequency should only assign it to the treatment was really effective and not dangerous.
Massage is contraindicated in acute colds, fever, inflammation inside the body, bleeding, skin diseases, including purulent, with any serious physical condition of the body.
The average rate of massage that is prescribed by a doctor, usually up to 12 visits a massage salon or office. Your doctor may prescribe and 15 sessions. Before the massage, do not take any food within one hour. After the session don't eat the same amount of time. Drink plain water or green tea.
Preventive massage is usually assigned according to the following scheme: 1-2 massages a week course to 12-15 times every six months. Therapeutic massage is one course every three months. To massage with a break after the previous just one month, must be treated with caution. The frequency of massage actions can hurt.
Cosmetic facial massage with anti-aging properties and prevents the skin aging, show certain cycles throughout the year. The best scheme for carrying out this kind of massage 2 times per year to 1-2 times per week for 10 sessions. Before cosmetic massage, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, then massaged with massage oil for 20-30 minutes. Again it cleans the face, then gets a cream.
There is a significant difference of professional and Amateur massage. In the first case, the patient feels a pleasant feeling of muscle relaxation. Pain can occur when exposed hands to the affected parts of the body, tense muscles. In case of non-professional massage on the body there can be bruises, bruises. During the session of this massage the patient feels unpleasant feelings and pain in the body. It is recommended to apply the procedure only to professional and experienced masseurs.

Advice 3: How not to forget the dream

Despite claims by many people that they don't dream, it's not. Dreams see everything. Just we all have different abilities to their memorization. Someone remembers everything in vivid and colorful detail, some only unclear passages, and some believe that dreams they do not attend, simply because absolutely are unable to recall them.
How not to forget the dream

Sleep and its phases.

Remember your dreams can absolutely everyone.
Some people have an innate ability to remember their dreams in great detail. Those who have this ability no, don't worry. It can be learned, it would wish.

There are two main sleep phases in humans:

The REM sleep phase, or rapid eye movement (REM). In this phase, brain activity is increased, heart rhythms and respiration learning, fast-moving eyes, it is sometimes possible twitching of limbs. While in this phase of sleep, one sees vivid dreams that are easily remembered.

The slow-wave sleep. Depending on the depth of sleep, brain activity decreases, heart rhythms and respiration become less frequent. The eyes become fixed. Dreams, seen in this phase, is usually not remembered, except in rare cases. But the dreams in this phase.

The dream begins with a phase of slow sleep, which lasts 80-90 minutes, and then comes REM sleep, lasting 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually, the duration of NREM sleep decreases and REM sleep increases. To the fifth-sixth time of the REM sleep may last about an hour.

Methods of remembering dreams.

Person better remembers the dreams are seen in REM sleep. Also, often remember the dream dreamed at the moment of awakening. To better remember a dream, you can roughly calculate the time and Wake up to the moment when the brain is in REM sleep.

One of the important points to remember dreams is to set. You need to go to bed with the thought that when you Wake up, you need to remember a dream.

You can also get yourself something like a mascot. To set yourself up for that when this subject it is necessary to recall a dream. You need to hang it over the bed, so he was the first that caught your eyes upon awakening.

To better remember a dream, you need to sleep. This is important, although in everyday life it's rather rare.

Sleep preferably without artificial lighting. Can we close the curtains.

After waking up you should not make any sudden movements. Waking up, just open eyes. Try not to think about the upcoming day, and immediately start remembering the dream. In such moments it is possible to remember to the smallest detail.

To quickly learn how to remember dreams in detail, it is possible to record them, not forgetting about any details. You need to record everything, even if some passages unclear or vague pictures. For this you need to have a notebook and keep it next to the bed.

If you constantly practice remembering my dreams, after a while, it will be easier to do. As in any practice – main constant training, and the result will not keep itself waiting.
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