Advice 1: To increase the volume of thin hair

Even thin hair can look thick and voluminous if you know the secrets of proper care for them.
To increase the volume of thin hair

1. Careful selection of care products

Carefully read labels and purchase tools specifically created for fine hair. Thanks to them, the curls will look fresh and lush, and there is a sense that the strands are too heavy. Pay attention to the professional line of hair. For example, Nioxin system # 1 and # 3 specifically designed for fine hair and help reinforce hair without overloading them.

2. Daily washing hair

Of course, if you feel the need. Clean hair will look more volume and better Shine. In addition, due to the porous structure of thin hair is very easy to absorb any smells and dirty faster. Plus clean hair easier to style and give volume.

3. Careful drying

You should not wring your hair with the force and twist the towel on your head into a tight harness — excessive friction can cause excessive breakage. Gently DAB excess moisture with a towel and allow strands to dry before you comb and dry hair dryer.

Suitable means for hair care:


Hair spray thermo-Aktiv strengthens the inner hair structure, does not require rinsing.


Chamouni, “Intensive rehabilitation” for damaged hair.


# 1 this professional brand is designed specifically for the care of thin hair — compacts it at the roots, making it more voluminous.

Advice 2: How to increase lung capacity

Lung capacity is of great importance for athletes and singers. And one day there comes a time when the athlete is out of breath on the difficult exercise, and the singer can't get enough air in his chest in order to pull out the long note.
How to increase lung capacity
To increase the lung volume by using a complex of physical exercises with the load on the lungs and chest.
First of all, make each morning run on the 4 km light Jogging. Of crucial importance is the time of the exercise, ideally it should be 20 minutes. At the same time pay attention to proper breathing - the breath is only the nose and exhale either mouth or nose.
After Jogging, you should carry out a cycle of squats with a load on his shoulders. Exercises are performed in several approaches, with a gradual increase in the number of sit-UPS.
During the day you can also use push-UPS with wider placement of the hands. The number of pushups and the exercises are only limited to your physical form.
Use this type of load on the lungs as balloons – this gives additional load on the muscles of the lungs and contributes to their development. The number and duration of the inflation of the balls is chosen individually, with the appearance of vertigo exercise is immediately terminated.
Spend a full course of respiratory gymnastics by Strelnikova or traditional. On the Internet there is also a description of the breathing exercises of yoga, but its efficacy and safety is currently not checked, and apply it you can only at your own risk.
So as to increase lung capacity can, if regularly Cycling or swimming (preferably underwater). To increase the motivation of sports, it is recommended to draw a graph and keep track on the growth of the lungs and the chest circumference – the positive dynamics will give you an extra incentive.
First results will be visible within 3-4 weeks from the start of classes. After achieving the desired results do not throw exercises, but only reduce the load - this will allow you to save the results.

Advice 3: How to seal hair

Thick, strong and shining hair makes any girl, not every those given by nature. And if the natural modesty of hair to add to the bad environmental situation, constant stress and bad habits, can turn out quite poor condition. For the beauty of hair should get in the habit of regularly taking care of them.
How to seal hair
Regular hair mask and scalp helps to make hair more dense, strong and healthy. In cosmetics stores, professional retail outlets and beauty salons, you can find hundreds of titles — from the most affordable to luxury. However, many modern girls do not stop using traditional recipes, which for many decades has proven its effectiveness.
Mustard mask
2 tablespoons of mustard powder or prepared mustard to mix with the same amount of burdock (olive, peach, or other) butter and sugar. Add to the mixture one egg yolk. The resulting emulsion is rubbed into the scalp, close the plastic cap (or regular Covenant). The mask is advisable to keep at least 15 minutes, however, if you experience a strong burning sensation it is not necessary to torture yourself.
Castor mask
Not less than a simple recipe includes a tablespoon of castor oil, one egg yolk, juice of half a lemon. The mixture should be rubbed into the scalp, under the polyethylene and towel for warming effect. It is desirable to leave for a couple of hours, and, if possible, and at night. Citrus will give your hair Shine, and castor oil will strengthen the follicles, stimulating new hair growth.
Pepper mask
Tincture of hot pepper, which is sold in any pharmacy as well as mustard, have a warming effect, and thus stimulates the hair follicles. Pepper vodka mixed with aloe juice or onions, honey and yogurt in a ratio of 1:4, obtained mixture is applied on hair. You can add burdock and other ingredients of the above recipes. If you experience a strong burning tool should be washed for the following applications to use a lower concentration of infusions.
In order to avoid allergic reactions before applying the mask, test the product on a small area of skin.
Useful advice
For healthy hair it is desirable to minimize the means for heat styling (hair dryer, tongs, straightening irons and use heat protection sprays and serums.
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