Transform thin and lifeless hair into a beautiful hairstyle by creating lush styling. Generally, to get lush hair, of course, you can buy shampoo, mask or air conditioning. These tools are designed to give hair volume. Data cosmetic means, they form on the surface of the hair thin pellicle, through which the hair becomes more thick and hard, and the hair gets extra volume.
Hair gets a lush, if: Set the right direction for the roots of the hair. To achieve this it is necessary to comb the hair comb with small teeth, when they are still damp, then apply the foam or the air conditioner or mousse for hair styling. Then you need to dry them with warm air with a hair dryer, thus it is necessary to tilt the head. When drying the hair, you can fluff them with the help of finger movements, thus giving the roots the vertical direction. Using this technique, the hair raised along the entire length.
Use curlers. It curlers large size creates lush styling. When using the hair roots will be lifted, and the ends will curl in the curls.
Make a small Perm with big curls. It gives the hair great volume. And if the hair is not rare, and thick, but thin – this wave should not do it, so as not to injure a thin hair.
If such hair to enhance styling holds better and longer. The hair needs to be strengthened from the inside. You need to eat lettuce, lamb or beef, fish, carrots – these products contain Biotin, pontenovo acid and amino acids.
Apply the hair conditioner only on the ends, but not along the entire length.
Foam and mousse should be applied only on the hair roots.
Using the tools for hair styling, it is necessary to achieve results in the form of a lush, but without weighing it down. For this you need to use foam, foam, mousse and, in any case, do not use the gel for hair styling, and waxing and cream, they do not give the hair a lush appearance, but only make the hair straight.
We must not forget that, when using a narrow nozzle on the hair dryer, the hair rises from the roots with warm air.
Following these recommendations, your lush styling is irresistible, not even depending on the size of your hair!