So, the most common way to make hair voluminous - layered haircut. Such a properly chosen haircut will not only add splendor, it also looks stylish and fashionable.

Before any manipulation of the hair of the head need to be cleaned. To add volume to thin hair, before styling hair should be washed with shampoo for volume, and then use a balm for hair volume the same brand. To make your hair more manageable and shiny you can apply a mask.

The following well-known way - blow dryer and curler. If you have a layered haircut, then put it is using the round brush from roots to ends. Before laying on the hair can cause a special mousse for hair volume. On thin hair it is not necessary to apply the gel, as it weigh down your hair. A round brush can be used of different diameters. Hot air dryer should be sent on top of the comb, while pulling the hair. Tips for drying can be folded inside and out. Before drying do not forget to apply heat protection spray because there is a risk of burn the hair.

The styling curler requires a little more time and patience. To clean, wet hair apply some mousse or liquid for packing. Wrap the curler from tip to root, tightly clutching the hair. Curler you can use different size and diameter, depending on what kind of curl I would like to get.Once you have wound the whole head can be wrapped on the curler slightly dry hair dryer, in the end, the wrap time is significantly reduced. At the end of laying stranded or styled hair can be a little podcast at the roots for added volume. Here, however, should not overdo it, otherwise your hair may be similar to hive.

There are many salon procedures to create volume in thin hair. One such procedure is the lamination. It will make fine and thin hair are not only voluminous, but also more thick and shiny. In conclusion, we can draw several conclusions. To thin hair to add volume, you should raise them at the roots. To achieve greater result, you can podcast hair and secure the hair lacquer. Lacquer should be sprayed at a distance of about 30 cm and preferably under the roots of the hair. Need to spray quite a bit, otherwise the hair may stick together. Before leaving, the finished installation you can also apply a little spray for Shine.