Most girls think about what to do if I want my best friend, when this man gets really close, when the relationship is more like a strong Union, in which two friends are warm to one another, not withholding any secrets, and constantly share their most intimate secrets. If the friend is so loyal, always caring, helping and trying to make time to communicate all the time, involuntarily begin to perceive it in a completely different way.

According to psychologists, sexual attraction to the friend directly connected with the sexual perception of the person. I mean, it's one of two things: either you are attracted sexually to women or to both men and women. Usually there is a second situation. Some experts even believe that the majority of women are bisexual, and not to be afraid because it's any mental disorder.

Sometimes the girl thinks that he wants his best friend, although in reality this arises only from the short-term feelings of love. Once friendly relations between people, even if they are the same sex, are on the rise, they may feel admiration for one another is admiration figure, voice, behavior, etc. that is why when the question of what to do if you want your best friend, for starters you should wait for some time. Feelings will grow cold, and gradually you will begin to treat the other girl as just your friend, not an object of love and passion.

Much more serious problem occurs if the desire to be close with a friend does not pass, but only intensified and leads to fantasies of a sexual nature. In this situation, you can try to talk to the girl and tell her his feelings. You can do this in comic form, but in any case not with excitement, not to scare her. Perhaps, spoke and laughed together, you will forget about your worries, and friendships will return to normal.

Perhaps you want your best friend on the grounds of prolonged absence of the sexual relationship. Try to have a serious relationship with a man (or another woman, such as sexual preference are not uncommon). This will help to create the right object of love and passion, while a friend will remain your friend that you just will relax in your free time.