The importance of maintaining cleanliness of the mouth is undeniable, and regular teeth cleaning helps with preventing dental problems. So maybe brush your teeth after each meal, and maybe more often?

How many times a day should one brush teeth?

The majority of dentists recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, but if you want to clean the oral cavity from food residues, for example, after the next tea party, just rinse your mouth with clean water or a special rinse that can be easily found on sale.

Brush your teeth in the morning (after Breakfast) and evening, after dinner, this will be enough. But too frequent brushing or the choice is too hard toothbrush may damage the enamel.

Do not forget the widespread advice of dentists to brush your teeth for about 2 minutes. Clean also the language. If necessary, clean the space between teeth, use a tooth thread.

Tip: if you are in doubt about the correct selection of toothpaste, consult your doctor. By the way, is no less important and recruitment toothbrush. It also depends on the individual.

By the way, a recent research by American scientists, it is argued that after a meal with high acidity, it is better not to brush your teeth immediately, but wait about half an hour.