Even the most publicized toothpaste will save your teeth if you be careless in the care of the oral cavity. Traditionally, the cleaning of teeth should be carried out at least twice a day, and the first procedure should not begin before Breakfast and after meals.

Brush our teeth twice a day

Hygiene it is wiser to hold not before meals and after, because after a meal the mouth should be clean from bacteria. After a few minutes after lunch or dinner harmful bacteria will start to multiply, and the food they serve leftover food in the mouth. To prevent this, it is crucial to brush your teeth after Breakfast, going to school or work. This approach will help to avoid the formation of Tartar and caries.

In the morning it is necessary to combine brushing your teeth with a gum massage, not forgetting to clean the surface of the tongue. After Breakfast, you can use whitening toothpaste, and at night the best choice would be pasta with herbs.

The second brushing should be done in the evening. This period of time after eating and before bedtime. It evening care mouth dentists are advised to pay as much attention. To effectively clean the teeth, removing food debris not only brush, but also floss. The procedure should take at least three minutes.

Is it harmful to clean their teeth?

Many people in their desire to make dental care more efficient, clean your mouth after each meal. But, according to professional dentists, this approach is not entirely correct. Frequent cleaning of the teeth and gums leading to destruction of tooth enamel, damage to the gum tissue.

Cleaning the mouth of food debris more than twice a day, it is possible to achieve drying and irritation. The only exceptions are cases when you could have a juice or a sweet, overly acidic dish. In such cases it is necessary again to brush my teeth with toothpaste. The rest of the time after a meal is enough to use a rinse, to remove leftover food flossing or brushing without toothpaste. Can be chewed after meals and chewing gum, but not more than 15 minutes.

It should also be remembered that immediately after the morning or evening brushing within half an hour is not recommended to drink coffee or tea. These drinks will stain the enamel of the teeth yellow, get rid of which is not so easy.

The ideal toothbrush need to have two different pastes – abrasive and with herbs, Fermi or tooth gel and regular paste. The choice of pasta depends on the condition of the teeth and gums.