Drinking water before meals

In one study, scientists entrusted with the responsibility of group participants, people with severe obesity, drink half a liter of ordinary water for three months for half an hour before a defining meal. The second group drank water.

The result: although all subjects ate and moved the same way, in the group of those who drank water before meals, people lost much more than in the second group.

Note: other drinks have no effect melting fat, and sugary drinks still add pounds.

Eat enough food with fiber

A perfect combination of water and fiber. Who increases the number of products with fiber, significantly reduces overall energy consumption and therefore lose weight. Because fiber fills the stomach and intestine, hunger is not felt for a long time. It also facilitates movement in the intestine and keeps the blood sugar level normal. This, in turn, controls the production of insulin by the pancreas.

What foods include gluten? These are fruits, vegetables and legumes. Or whole grains, psyllium from the pharmacy, flax seed, oats and wheat bran. Important: not to get constipation, you should drink plenty of fluids if you eat foods with fiber.

Harmony with the formula

You don't need to think about programs for weight loss or diets. Just calmly walk every day about half an hour, preferably after dinner, enjoying the fresh air. Do not miss the walk, despite the rain, wind or cold. When the weight will start to decrease, you will feel a burst of energy and motivation. Then you can complicate sports, and start, for example, to use the pool or fitness club.

The most important thing is not to set ourselves unrealistic goals. It's definitely not useless, but completely destroy motivation. Rather, you should keep the phrase "less is better".