And the question of choice of clothing for the baby is not in last place. For a child with the pathology of foot orthopedic footwear is required, but what to do with a healthy child, whether to have such things in the wardrobe?

Answer children's orthopedists is that a healthy child will fit every shoes, subject to certain conditions: quality, correct fitting and selection. Although compliance with modern footwear manufacturers all standards are not guaranteed.

Often the way out of the situation becomes special orthopedic shoes, specially designed for children's feet. When wearing these shoes even at home, the question of how to correct flat feet, will never occur. Due to the rigid special at the back, fixing the heel, hard sole and the insole involves all the muscles that had not been involved. It is the underdevelopment of the muscles of the foot that develops over time due to improper shoes cause flat feet.

Choosing such a Shoe is worth to pay close attention. You should pay attention to the fabric heel on the sole. Before buying shoes, encourage your child to wear it like. At the same time closely observe, does it feel comfortable, comfortable feeling because the proper assessment of the child to do while not. To transfer shoes from older to younger also is undesirable.