Heels - pros and cons

Many podiatrists say that children's shoes should be low heels, because it contributes to the prevention of flatfoot. Every age has its own recommended heel height. Very young children who just started to walk, you need to buy shoes with a heel height of one centimeter. Girls of preschool age the most comfortable feel on the heels centimeter and a half. Girls aged eight to ten years, you can buy shoes with heels up to two inches. And only after thirteen or fourteen young ladies can sometimes wear heels up to four inches.

Failure to comply can cause problems with posture, cause curvature of the spine and the appearance of flat feet, incorrect formation of the feet and other troubles.

The stability of the heel is important. You need to remember that just two inches of heel can increase the load on the spine twenty-five percent. The safest is the heel height of four to seven inches, wide enough and stable.

The effect of heels on the formation of the gait

It is best to explain to her daughter what are the consequences of wearing too high heels. It's quite a challenge, since teenagers rarely listen to the opinion of adults. If your daughter wants to wear heels, and offer models of wedge or platform, as these shoes support the foot and it does not change the gait. Teenagers can be recommended shoes with wide, stable heels. They are not so much to injure the foot as narrow and unstable, but it allows to learn the basics of a beautiful gait in shoes with heels.

It should be noted that too thin and high heels radically change not yet fully formed, the gait of a teenager. Try explaining that to the daughter, tell us what to wear stilettos you need to have a healthy spine, formed by the feet, developed bones of the pelvis. Doctors recommend to wear high heels only after twenty-one years, when the body is fully formed.

Many women, knowing how difficult it is to walk in heels all day, severely restrict their daughters in the choice of footwear, causing them to wear sneakers and flat shoes. This practice often leads to the fact that girls wear shoes with high heels secret from his strict parents, thus expressing their protest.