Even if you do not declare publicly their intentions to lose weight, one day others will notice changes in the behavior of losing weight. She no longer buys the donuts with the cream in the pastry shop opposite the work, refuses to eat a piece of chocolate cake during lunch, and for dinner, a much-loved Bologna sandwiches replaced the yogurt and cottage cheese. It is easy to guess that the reason for this, if you think about global change is his Majesty the weight loss.

The reaction of others may be different. Consider the basic reactions and ways to answer them.

1. Everyone knows that real friendship is very rare, if ever, occurs. Nice chatting girlfriends, smiling a big smile and always supportive, can be creepy envied and ardent gossips, discussing friends behind. How will these girls react to the news about losing weight for his girlfriend?

Each of their friends they consider their rivals, so their main task - to prevent the weight from "friends". How? To achieve this they will be flattered and sympathetic smiles. They will begin to exhort and to convince them that the figure losing weight is actually perfect, and they dream about this.

These girls are surprised when I shrug and say that just don't know where to go to lose weight. Can continuously tempt a break, eating high-calorie sweets with the most unmoved front. And the whole scene will look so innocent and natural, that in the benevolence of the intentions of the girls it would be impossible to doubt.

How to react to such provocations? With a smile to agree with every word, nod knowingly, and in any case not to talk about yourself and your body in a negative way. Even if you don't like your body, it is not necessary to know the envious and mean girls. From chocolates and buns, of course, necessary to refuse, citing his transition to proper nutrition.

2. Basically, as will be described below, behave moms losing weight. Even if her daughter will weigh 150 kg, all the same for her she will be slender and fragile girl. The news about diet girl these people perceive in a sharply negative way, including in his story the abundance of stories about bad ended weight loss and threatening anorexia. Besides, they will at any opportunity to feed dieters not to let her lose and few pounds.

How to respond to this behavior? Not to be offended. Unlike the first group, these people are genuinely trying to help and make it better. You should not attempt to prove the necessity of the diet (still not released), it is better not to advertise about your new diet and not to talk about dangerous topics.

3. Often with girls, when one go on a diet soon to lose weight start. It is not surprising that among dieters will inevitably appear a few friends, too, who decided to say goodbye to excess weight. With these women you can discuss the success in weight loss, to share experiences, get support and motivation.

Still to break, knowing that your diet is known to several people, will be several times heavier. Conscience will not allow you to break the diet.