The first thing to do is to love yourself. Locate your appearance that is either attractive and emphasize it. Wear only those things in which you feel attractive and confident.
Find something to do, which would be accompanied by physical exercise or just movement. Probably the first thing that now you will come to mind is the gym. But, it turns out, there are many more ways to regain harmony and without exhausting training in the gym. For example, dance – they not only will give your body additional exercise required for weight loss, but will make your movements more elegant and graceful. You can enjoy horse riding, talking, she, too, works wonders. Or to join the pool, practice yoga or just daily walking. The main thing is not to push yourself and get pleasure from it.
Every day start with morning exercises. Just do not need to engage in to exhaustion. Strive not, especially at first. And very soon it will become a habit. Besides, imagine how nice it is to feel its muscle and not fat hanging out.
It should also be noted that any, even at first glance, the simple diet is a huge stress to the body. Not necessary, of course, to make a cult out of food, but starving is not worth it. You just need to reconsider your diet, removing all harmful for body products – sweets, meats, prepared foods that typically contain too much fat, bread, etc. Instead, eat as many vegetables and fruits. Believe useful can be delicious!
Get yourself a diary and will record your weight, desired weight, waist, hips, etc. And, of course, everything you eat throughout the day. Sometimes embarrassed to write too long a list eaten.
If you have a friend who is also unhappy with her figure, make her a bet – which one of you faster and is more weight. And you had the incentive, agree that the winner will get, for example, passes to the SPA, of course, at the expense of the losers.
Don't focus on the fact that you should lose weight. You just have to keep your body in good physical shape. But for this you will need to try to lose a few extra pounds.