Initially, if you have any desire to respond to his angry opponent, as you can breathe deeply and count to 10. It is this period of time lasts for overcoming emotion. After this you will not have the desire to say anything unless you mean it. Especially after this go to the world will be much more difficult than to quarrel. Remember a simple rule: walk away from conflict is much easier than trying to solve it.


In the case where you deliberately trying to provoke a conflict, the best option is, if you abstract and ignore the bully. Such people tend to feed of the energy of others. In psychology they are called "energy vampires". In order to feel good, they provoke other people to conflict and feed on their negative energy, but if they don't get what you want – the conflict will end faster than you imagine. Turn on the music player and put on your headphones, close your eyes and imagine that you are in some beautiful place and not pay attention to such a person.


For a speedy end to the conflict try to bring the attention from himself to something else. Often the instigator of the conflict makes the opponent the main object of attention: shouts at him, blames, only what is possible, etc. But once you change it the main object of attention – the conflict has run its course. Ask, why is he so Jumpy today, maybe something happened or he didn't get enough sleep? As soon as he realizes that now, not you, and he is the object of attention, will immediately cease to attack you.

To be unpredictable is one of the surest methods for conflict resolution. During the conflict both parties expect from each other mutual antagonism. Under this scenario, the dispute is much better. But as soon as someone will step away from his role, lost the whole point of the conflict. Respond with a kind word for evil. Smile, if you are rude. If you behave in unpredictable conflict situations, the provocateur will be discouraged.

According to psychologists, conflicts instigate insecure and insecure people. Such behavior, they try to hide it. Be merciful to such people and stay away from them.