To achieve the desired result, you just need to know the psychology of harmony and make it a part of your life. So, three simple ways to change yourself:

1) Change the attitude. As you know, self-hypnosis has great power. Many scientific facts prove that our physical and mental state depends on us, that is, consciously or unconsciously,we choose how we feel. The same is true with the state of our body. To be sure that you're slender, the body itself rebuilt and after some time (not to say that this happens quickly),the extra pounds will go away.

2) Physiology. If you want to become slim, then you probably just watched a slender people. But did you ever pay attention to how they move? No? And for good reason. Usually slim people have the agility, briskness, quick walk and a deep breath. To become slim, you need to move just as they are. To understand how to do it – sign up for a gym or start running.

3) the Food. Psychologists explain the excessive need for food and emotional hunger. Agree, often people can jam their problems or feelings. Therefore, we need to learn to take a cue from slim people – they eat when really hungry. This feeling manifests itself in the emptiness of the stomach and mild dizziness, but not the desire to eat something delicious. So should pay attention to how slim people eat. Usually they are not in a hurry, give the food enough time, and not swallow it, and chew (by the way, it helps you to get enough). Slim people never eat with a book or watching TV, as, carried away by interesting, no one ever notices how much food is placed into it.

So, adhering to these three simple rules, you will help your body become slimmer. Remember that you are the main Creator of your life, especially your body.

Enough sometimeseven? Then forward, to bring the psychology of harmony in life.