For many users, Instagram has become a means of additional income. How do they do it?

top and faithful ways how to make money on Instagram

1. Advertising

For anybody not a secret that advertising is a major component in the promotion of any product. This is the fastest, most reliable and affordable way to get the money.

To share the results of their own services, for example, of a Barber or repairman is a great way to find your clientele and earn income.

2. Online store visit Instagram

It does not need much effort: create a new page, share it a photo of your item, write a description, set the price. Then do everything your subscribers.

You can sell the photos themselves on the platform SnapMyAd. Registered, posted a photo, quote the price and wait for a buyer.

3. Income from subscribers

In our time in any social network remains the main number of subscribers, the more, the more prestigious and more popular you look. If I start working with advertisers through exchanges, which are now through the roof, you will pay a certain amount for each posted picture or that you leave the hashtag under any photo.

4. Paper will replace the electronic

What's the point? The user selects the photo that he'd like to print, and you print them for the money. Moreover, such a process can vary, offering a print on magnets or mugs. The choice remains with the customer.

How many actually earn in Instagram?

Recall that the most important thing is your subscribers. It should be remembered that 20 000 subscribers real can be 2 000 – 3 000. Precisely because they will earn money. Many services pay an average of 1 ruble per a mark "like" or the comment under that particular photo.

Remember that your profile needs to be active and popular. This will depend on the earnings from advertising, the average is 7 000 rubles. Most of the companies willing to promote their brands, are willing to pay 1 000 to 4 000 the only post with their products.

Today Instagram is gaining momentum, more recently, in the network only shared their photos, and now the earnings here can be quite high. You only need to act now to be in the list of people who earn well in Instagram.