Registration and publication

Instagram has users who uploaded your photos, all rights to the copyright of the content. Logic dictates that since the original pictures posted, it means that there must be a way to sell them. This method exists. In order to start and work, you need to install on your mobile device the program Instagram.

The second step is the production of photographs. Picture quality is highly dependent on the quality of the camera. The creators of Instagram was originally assumed that the owners of smartphones do not have to use additional equipment to create photographs, but the reality made its corrections. The fact that some cameras give out "on-mountain" photo is of poor quality.

A tip for the owners is not very good cameras: take photos with the camera and pipe them to your smartphone. Maybe it will not seem fair but it is beautiful. However, Instagram plays a major role not quality, and the plot.

Taking a photo, publish it to Instagram. In the process of publishing a photo can be edited with different filters. After the photos published, you can start selling photos. Specifically for sale Americans were created by other service – Instacanv.


Users registered in the service Instacanv, get a link to your own gallery. The gallery opens at once: to open, to spread the link among friends. Friends by clicking on the link, should show interest by asking the service to access your gallery. The more friends asked to do, the faster you will open a gallery of images.

Now you can choose among the photos posted in Instagram, those are intended for sale, and configure the settings of their publication on Instacanv. The service provides the ability to publish photos to gallery automatically after posting to Instagram. Opening your own gallery, you can start to wait for buyers.


If you are a professional photographer, then you can simply advertise their work through Instagram, finding through a social network of potential customers and obtain their orders. You don't have to invest in its own portfolio, the hyped social network will do everything for you. Additional opportunities are services that make it easy to find potential customers and subscribers: VKTarget, Userator, Twite.