Advice 1: How to pay online using Sberbank

If you have no card of the savings Bank, you can pay services of the Internet service provider on receipt, without opening an account. In the presence of a plastic card through an ATM or the system "Sberbank Online". In any case, all the details and your ID provider (contract number, personal account or otherwise) needs to be specified precisely.
How to pay online using Sberbank
You will need
  • - the Bank card of the savings Bank or receipt;
  • ATM or computer with Internet access.
Details for payment specified in the agreement between you and the provider. You can find them also on its website. There is often present instructions for completing receipt (especially important what to write in the field " purpose of payment).
It is best to download the receipt form of Sberbank online, copy the necessary data on the provider's site and paste it in the corresponding fields in the receipts, and then print it.
Sign the receipt. With the finished document visit the office of the savings Bank and, presenting it, make the payment through the teller or the cashier. Save received the receipt in case of dispute.
If you have any Bank card with a sufficient balance in the account you can Fund your account with the Internet service provider via the ATM of Sberbank (and not only). And card of Sberbank - the devices that belong not only to him but to every credit institution.
Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code, select services and then Internet services and his provider. Enter in the fields your account ID (number of the contract with the provider or otherwise) and the payment amount, confirm the details, make revisions if needed. When you are sure that everything is in order, give the command for payment.
Keep the receipt until confirmation from the provider that the funds have cleared.
If you have an account in Sberbank, connected to the system "Sberbank Online" you can make payment through it. Most of the major players in the market of provision of Internet access there.
The algorithm of actions after login is the same as in case of payment through ATM. After completing the payment, the system can also request provided it additional user ID.
If a provider in the system is not represented, you can enter its data using a form creating a new payment.
If paying by cash receipt or Bank transfer on the Bank details of the recipient through the "Sberbank Online" to the amount of the payment is added to the Bank's Commission for provision of relevant services.

Advice 2 : How to pay STC Internet

In the South of Russia, southern telecommunications company, the operator of popular. This company services the majority of landline phones and Internetom from STC (now Rostelecom) are many. The truth is very often coming in the nearest Bank you can see the announcement: "Payments to STC will not be accepted".
How to pay STC Internet
For a start, the list of banks which accept payments for phone and Internet from STC.
Sberbank, Petrocommerce, Eurocommerce, Vozrozhdenie, URALSIB-Yug Bank", "Krayinvestbank", KIIB "Sochi", OJSC CB "national clearing Bank", "TransCreditBank", "Master-Bank", "Binbank", "day", CB "Doninvest", "Donskoy Narodny Bank", "TSentrInvest". In any branch of one of these banks can come with a receipt and paid at any window. In Sberbank you can also use the payment terminal and stand in line. Can I make a payment at ATMs of the above banks. Early was not a problem to pay the telephone and Internet from STC in the mail. But occasionally in a particular Department is having problems with paying in favour of this statement. So please contact your nearest branch. You can use different terminals, through which we used to pay services of cellular operators. However, you should be prepared for the fact that Commission will not be small. Accept payment for the Internet "STC" and in the salons of mobile communication "the Euronetwork".
You can pay with the help of the Internet.
- "Wallet",
- "QIWI wallet",
- Yandex.Money
- MOBI.Money
the WebMoney Transfer system.Also payment is accepted via:
- e-port (,
- Kampey (,
- Regional processing center (
United system of instant payments (,
- Free cash (
To pay for landline phone and Internet cell phone. True, TELE2 subscribers this feature is not available. Subscribers, MTS, MegaFon and Beeline can pay online or from your mobile account. Though only one mobile phone can not do here. Payment can be made using QIWI Wallet. For this you need to register wallet on to find the right provider for payment, fill out the form. Then choose the payment method "MTS" and press "Pay": After that the payment must be confirmed. The screen will display a confirmation that Your payment is accepted for processing. Shortly You will receive SMS with payment details and confirm the payment from the room 6996. The response SMS You will be able to confirm or cancel payment (SMS to number 6996 free).
And now the subscribers of STC networks of customer service points Rostelecom. Such centers in the country right now there are 21 and their number is growing.
Payment for services of OJSC "Rostelecom" in the center or the customer service point Rostelecom enough to submit account or to inform the operator the phone number.
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