Thoughts about how to live in Russia in 2016 ordinary people, began to emerge most often when in late January, the dollar exceeded the value of 85 rubles. It happened because of the intense speculative game on the international petroleum exchange. This decline of the ruble, according to economists, the phenomenon of short-term, the situation is stabiliziruemost. In this regard, the authorities urged people not to panic and start to buy in the shops of home appliances and other expensive goods, fearing further price increases, as it was at the end of 2014.

Ordinary people in Russia tend to give in to depression due to constant news about the growing financial crisis. Indeed, instability in various sectors of the economy and the exchange rate, as last year, will lead in 2016 to the reduction of production capacity of some enterprises. However, this is not the peak of the crisis, and massive layoffs in 2015, this year should not be. However, in order not to be among the retrenched employees, the experts recommend to keep your eyes open and have an "economic cushion" - at least a small savings in the Bank account.

Summing up the previous questions, it should be noted that citizens are advised not EN masse to exchange rubles for Western currency: strong us dollar and the Euro will not grow, but rather only soon will lose in the price. If in 2016 or later, you plan a trip abroad, it is possible to have an accumulative account in a foreign currency. It will not be superfluous, and to travel subsequently will be much easier than to part with tens of rubles at the beginning of the holiday.

Manufacturers of food products also claim to live in Russia in 2016 ordinary people is perhaps more difficult than in previous years. The cost of food will rise slightly and will be characterized by a typical seasonal irregular-downs into separate groups. In addition, many stores are starting to specifically expand the range, trying to fit in more budget and affordable products.

The good news lies in the fact that Russia is actively preparing for the world Championship on football of 2018. Many regional and nearby cities receive significant funding from the state to prepare for this event and gaining the proper sort. They will be built more cultural and entertainment facilities, will improve the condition of the roads, there will be new modes of transport. In spite of evil tongues, Russia hardly waiting for the collapse of the economy. The government is actively working to address current issues in all spheres of life and will take into account the situation and needs of ordinary citizens.