You will need
  • - compass;
  • a small iron object.
There are three fundamentally different types of compass: magnetic, electronic and gyro. The first interacts with earth's magnetic field, the second — with the satellites, and the third oriented to the geographic North pole. Tourists and orienteering often use different modifications of the magnetic compass. When checking determine whether the demagnetized arrow. Different magnetic compasses and it is marked differently. Directed to the North arrow can be painted in blue color, marked with a dot, ends with the edge. For fixing it, there is a special lever. He is in arrow and is in order to be able to press the arrow to the glass.
Put the compass on a horizontal surface. If the arrow has been recorded, release the lever. To Orient it in the direction of "North-South" in this case is not necessary. Just give the arrow to stop and notice the division on the limb.
Move the compass to the iron object, then remove it. This should be done very quickly, but object should not be large. Perfect nail. Compass not touch, let the arrow a little shake and again it will freeze. Pay attention to the division. If the arrow is initial position — everything fine, the compass works as it should. If it is deviated, it is better to replace the device.