Advice 1: Why people stopped flying to the moon

The twentieth of July 1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong for the first time in the history of mankind stepped on the moon, this event is live broadcast to the whole world. Since then, it took more than forty years, however, man not only colonized moon, but on the contrary, seemed to be lost to it all interest. So what happened, why people forgot about the moon for decades?
Why people stopped flying to the moon

American astronauts flew to the moon seven times. Six times they landed on the moon, once because of a serious accident (Apollo 13) the flight was terminated and the landing did not take place. After that, new attempts to land on the moon was not undertaken.

There are two main versions of losing interest of a man to the moon: official and created by independent researchers on this issue. According to the official version, the program missions to the moon were very expensive, so it turned, as the main goal is to get ahead in the moon race, the Soviet Union was achieved. In the Soviet Union, after the defeat in the moon race, the main emphasis was placed on the study of the moon and other celestial bodies with the help of automatic stations.

According to the unofficial point of view, man left the moon because it this was "politely asked". There is some evidence that American astronauts landed on the moon, found it already occupied. The astronauts have seen these objects, it occurred as on the moon's orbit and on its surface. Further, according to the unofficial version, people unobtrusive given to understand that their presence on the moon is not desirable. After that, realizing that progress on by the time earthlings level of science and technology to compete with the moon alien took guests there is no way the American government hastily turned the research program and for several decades did not come back to this topic.

This version is fantastic. However, during the long decades of observations of the moon with telescopes recorded a number of phenomena that defy scientific explanation. There are videos, which are clearly seen moving above the surface of the moon objects. Some of them appear from one of the crater, moved over the surface and disappear in the other. What would be fantastic did not seem version presence on the moon another, non-human, life forms, it has a very documentary evidence.

With the beginning of the new century the return of the man on the moon are increasingly being discussed. What is the reason? That lunar exploration has become economically viable? Or the fact that people are once again allowed her to walk? A definite answer to this question is no. If you took the moon, alien visitors and there are some agreements, they are kept in the strictest confidence and are unlikely in the near future, declassified. Until then, you can testify about the intention to visit the moon in the next ten to fifteen years, say three countries: Russia, USA and China. A new moon race is on.

Advice 2 : Flying to the moon: why did they stop

The famous moon race ended with the victory of the US – American astronaut Neil Armstrong descended on the moon in July 1969, the Soviet Union had to accept defeat. The United States could launch a full-scale study and development of the satellite, but the flights were somehow stopped.
Flying to the moon: why did they stop

Victory in the moon race has given US a hard time – had spent tens of billions of dollars, three astronauts died during training for flight. And when finally the goal was achieved, and the technology of flight fully developed, the program missions to the moon suddenly turned. It was not just surprising, but also not economically feasible. At least, could have held one more flight, to which everything had been prepared.

The fact that the missions to the moon was so suddenly terminated, has generated a lot of rumors and speculation. One of the most interesting versions is associated with information that the Americans, having arrived on the moon, found it already occupied. Who? Creatures other than the human race. To put it simply, aliens. The first time they watched with interest the attempts of earthlings to land on the moon, but when the activity of the Americans was too high, they were asked to leave the moon and more it not to return.

If it was so, then why are the U.S. leaders so meekly agreed to this? The answer is simple – the level of technological development of the aliens so exceeded the earth that to fight them was pointless. That is why the Americans quickly turned it to the moon and more to this subject did not come back. Did not land on the moon and Soviet cosmonauts, although the technical possibilities are created rocket "N-1" was allowed to fly to the moon. Yes, the Soviet Union lost to the Americans in the battle for the moon, but even landing the second would still be very prestigious. However, the Soviet lunar program was also curtailed.

Of course, to believe in the theory that on the moon the Americans have met the aliens, is not easy. But no matter how fabulous she looked, in her favor, there are quite a lot of evidence. The photographs from the lunar surface, which show the strange glowing orbs, and strange conversations of the astronauts with NASA, are intercepted by the radio Amateurs. Finally, astronomers repeatedly documented in telescopes the facts of movement over the surface of the moon large objects. Many of them appear out of the lunar craters, and they disappear. Evidence for this has accumulated so many that talk about aliens, banning earthlings to set foot on the lunar surface, do not seem so incredible.

The official version of the ending missions to the moon are very simple. In the US, said that the goal is achieved, the Americans several times visited Earth's natural satellite and to continue the programs do not make sense. The Soviet leadership declared that the flights to the moon involve greater risk, so in the Soviet Union, priority will be given to exploration of the moon unmanned vehicles.

It is worth noting that in recent years a number of countries, including Russia, declared their willingness to explore the moon. So the lunar Saga, which began in the seventies of the last century, has all chances to be continued in the coming years.

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