If I stare at the moon, you can go crazy

It is well known that the Moon in some cases, having a tremendous impact on the Earth. And this fact is not disputed by scientists. For example, the full moon, there are very strong tides that can even flood the coastal bays and buildings.

Also the Moon has a strong effect on the mentally ill. There are many cases when some inconceivable way, the schizophrenics felt the full moon, being in rooms without Windows, began to worry and be aggressive. This behavior is due to the fact that the Moon affects the brain, causing it to behave more actively during the full moon. However, a definite answer to how the Moon acts on the person is still not found, so all the stories about the impact of the satellite on schizophrenics while they belong to the category of tales with elements of mysticism. However, it is believed that the full moon is capable and mentally normal person to undermine his health and "reward" madness, if you long to look at her. Believe it or not – everyone decides for himself.

If you look at the moon, you can become a lunatic

Sleepwalking or Somnambulism is a painful condition in which a person performs any action while in the dream state, and his behavior seems quite deliberate and appropriate. Those who had to observe the behaviour of the lunatics were simply amazed by their appearance: their eyes are usually open, they are perfectly oriented in space, capable of performing complex actions and give logical answers to simple questions.

Even modern science is still unknown where the sleepwalking, how to treat it and why some it abruptly ends. One of the mystical theories about the origin of this disease is the influence of the moon. Here's a look at the moon and starts to walk in her sleep.

What is the moonlight

Moonlight is the reflected flux of solar radiation transmitted to the Earth in different ranges. When the Moon is at first and last quarter, this flow is extremely weak and provides practically no effect on humans, however, with the rise of the moon flows reflected light is intensified, reaching its peak during the full moon, so it was at this time the nervous system is in a slightly excited state. It turns out that those people who are prone to hysteria and prone to mental disorders, you feel full moon is particularly acute, and these are very, very much. You should also add them teenagers in puberty and in women with PMS. It turns out that more than a third of the population is exposed to moonlight.