You will need
  • - yarn,
  • - spokes
  • - colored buttons,
  • - colored thread to decorate sweatshirts.
First and foremost, take the measurements with the child. Knit the sweater start from the bottom up. Tie the elastic band, it needs to be a minimum width of 3-4 inches. Add to the armholes by 2 inches on each side, start knitting hosiery knitting the fabric. Next loops don't add.
Don't forget, vymazyvaja the front of the blouse, the edge for the strap and the elastic in the center to carry garter viscous. Knit always turn the left shelf to the right to correctly calculate the slits for the buttons.
In the neck the last slot make the edging on the band. The slot is performed as follows: at the desired place the strap close some loops (diameter buttons), and in the opposite row of the same rack.
The elastic neckline can be knit separately, sew it cattalini seam to bend inward and from the inside sew to the edge of the neck and you can gain loop of the neck on circular needles and take gum. In this case, in the second row when binding the loops, put one loop in each curve of the neck - only four times.
The sleeve is knit from the top down. Of the first edge loop of the product pull one thread from a second or two, capturing the first one half loop, then another. From the third one, fourth one and so on. The set of loops of the hose is performed in three steps. Evenly on each hose loops take the loop to the desired width. Finish knitting the sleeve cuff is elastic.
Adorn your product. If you knit the sweater solid thread, good decoration for her will be bright buttons and colors of multi colored loops, embroidered on the jacket. Before embroidering amperite jacket. To embroider, you can not only loops, but also stars, flowers. Bright element can be bombonica sewn to the collar of a jacket. Attaching buttons to the jacket, use a thread the color of each buttons.