You will need
  • - Laundry soap;
  • - vinegar;
  • - wormwood;
  • - Malathion;
  • - cigarette;
  • the number of specialists in the destruction of insects.
Since ancient times, bed bugs have plagued people of its vicinity, so our time has preserved many folk methods of dealing with them. Carefully clean the whole apartment with the usual soap – the bugs can't stand its smell. They do not like, and wormwood. Place sprigs of this plant under the mattresses, window sills, chairs and sofas, they are scattered on the floor. If you stumble upon a nest of bedbugs, pour the vinegar.
Buy Malathion. According to the instructions, you need to dilute it with water, and of a yellowish fluid, it will be transparent white. Open Windows wide, take a paint brush and brush tool. Then close the Windows tightly, take away children, Pets and houseplants and go for a few days, to relatives, to the fate of bed bugs is not befell you. A few days later, blood-sucking insects will not pester you.
If you have bed bugs are found exclusively in one place, for example, the sofa that you have transported yourself from the country, it will be easier to get rid of already employed piece of furniture than to lead with bedbugs ongoing war.
Poor, but resourceful students come up with their own ways of dealing with bedbugs. If you are one of them, at least in spirit, you can try the following method. Invite friends, buy cigarettes, come home, caulk doors and Windows and start to smoke. When Smoking you get bored, rip up some cigarettes and put the tobacco in the slot. After this attack, the bugs will leave your inhospitable apartment.
If you want to get rid of bed bugs, but want to reduce the inconvenience that will cause them to you baiting, hire professionals that will treat every nook and cranny of your apartment. Some organizations even work with specially trained dogs that can find bed bugs nests. Before you choose a company that you trust to clean the home, do not forget to read online reviews about their work.