To destroy bed bugs , you can call specialists from the sanitary epidemiological stations. They are professionally produced treatment to destroy bed bugs.
It is possible to carry out an independent fight against bedbugs.
Method the first. To leave the affected apartment for a long time and to get all family members and Pets. Bugs will have nothing to eat, and they leave your territory themselves.
Can use chemical method of fight or use traditional methods. When using chemical methods, remove all food, Pets, fish and birds. Take measures for your own protection (mask, goggles, gloves). Immediately after treatment, wash and wash clothing in which produced treatment.
For getting rid of bed bugs you need to treat the whole house and all the clothes, and not just bedding and bed.
The chemical method will be suitable for you get rid of these insects. You can handle bed powders or Reopen Reopen, liquid drugs "Insect Dibro-fin" and "Lekteren" or the "Actellic", means in aerosols "prima", "Carbosol", "Perfo-P", small cockroaches, Malathion, Raptor, RAID, dust, edge-killer, etc, you can use any insecticides, which are presented in wide range.
Use folk remedies. All clothing and bedding should be boiled (helps a little, as you need to handle the whole apartment), to handle all turpentine, kerosene, to endure all things, sofas, beds into the cold, to handle all of the transformer oil, vinegar, spread out everywhere wormwood.
All the home methods of getting rid of bed bugs must be carried out to their complete disappearance.