Egypt is loved by many, not only the lovers of "all inclusive", but also professional divers and kitesurfers. This is not surprising because the Red sea can compete in beauty with any other, but for diving he is almost without equal.

The cessation of the sale of tours and Charter flights from Russia — not a reason to abandon this country! So, how does one get to Egypt.

1. Regular Turkish airlines flights to Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh. Best prices from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow, from 16 000 rubles. All flights with a stopover in Istanbul. There are flights from other Russian cities, but more expensive.

2. Tours or last minute Charter flights from the Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden). This option is very convenient for the residents of St. Petersburg. Tickets and tours is very easy to purchase on sites of the Scandinavian travel agencies using the Google translator. Flights are operated with reliable airlines such as TUI nordic or Finnair. Even with the Euro, you can find tours at very attractive prices. Note the restriction on the Luggage and food in these airlines. Often food and baggage are available at an additional cost.

3. Tours and Charter flights from Europe. For example, Germany, which will be convenient for Moscow residents.

4. The low-cost airlines from Germany. Airline TUI fly offers a variety of options of flights to Hurghada from different German cities: düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich and others. To Cologne can be a very economical way to get from Helsinki, Tallinn or Riga's low-cost airlines.

If you take just the tickets, hotels or apartment you need to book it yourself, that is not a problem, but in most cases it will be more expensive than buying ready-made tour.