You will need
  • the cat-Bayun", cat toys, supply of patience
Play with a kitten. At a young age, cats need a lot to run, jump and expend his boundless energy that abounds. Be sure to buy him in the store special toys: balls, mice, fishing rods or soltanici (depends on individual preferences) and regularly play with it. Before bed playing with the kitten should be given at least two hours. If you tire your baby, he will sleep safely and soundly.
можно ли приучить шотладского котенка спать в домике
Even kittens with whom he played on the night, a few hours unable to Wake up, again feeling the incredible courage and need to chat with the owner and run around the kitchen table. If you have just a copy, don't despair, and try to include in the diet vegetable drug "cat Baiyun." This tool specially designed for cats with increased activity at puberty and breeding, but also perfect for lulling the kitten for the night. To give the drug should be used twice a day, morning and evening.
как сделать чтобы щенок спал ночью
Not too humane, but effective way for those who tried to imagine all of the above methods, but no visible effect was not achieved. Try during the regular cat marathon loud slap on the floor with something that makes a very sharp loud sound. Well suited for this purpose, leather belt or thick tightly rolled magazine. Cats are afraid of loud noises, so that pretty soon your pet will think that you should not test the patience of the owners and too noisy behave.
как привыкнуть к кошке